Our Online Courses

Apart from A+ free content across our social network, we are offering full online courses on Udemy that are being updated all the time.

The courses are available everywhere, on every platform. Once you sign up - the course is yours forever, there are no additional fees whatsoever.

If you felt like one of the courses is not for you, you have 30 days to regret and get a full refund.

We encourage you to take the online courses in this order:

Know The Hebrew Alphabet (Free)

This free course will show and teach you each and every letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, on all its forms and different sounds.

It's highly recommended even if you already know some of the alphabet, and it's a great baseline before diving in the language basics and so on.

If you feel like you already know the Hebrew Alphabet very well - you can prove that by taking the test at the end of the course, it's very thorough and helpful.

Hebrew For Beginners

This course is our full program, first you learn how to read and write, and then you go deeper into the basics of Hebrew.


- The Vowel Signs (how to read).

- The Important Basic Words.

- Creating a Sentence.

- Conversational Practices.

- Hebrew Handwriting (read & write).

- Hebrew Verbs & Tenses.

- Tips On Mastering Hebrew.

- Bonuses & Extra Knowledge.

* Every lecture contains downloadable PDF / Sound Files / Photos that can be used as extra materials so you can practice after watching the lecture.

* Every section ends with a thorough test in order to prove yourself that you are ready to move on to the next section, no worries, the score in only for you :)

Hebrew Vocabulary Enhancing - The Program

This course is a lot different, once you know how to read - you are ready.

It's good for anyone, even if you already have a grasp of Hebrew and know some basic words, this course can take you to a higher level very fast.

It started as extra materials in "Hebrew For Beginners" but in time got so big it justified it's own course.

So how does it work?

- 11 Section

- 5 Practices in every session

- 20 New words in every practice

Total of 1,100 new Hebrew words in the entire program, from basic to advanced, and new tips along the way.

* Every Section is being covered by 5 small quizzes and 1 thorough test to prove that you are now in full control of the 100 new words you've learned.

* In this course it's the first time you practice with reading without vowel signs.

It's massive, and requires dedication and motivation, therefore some of the lectures give you tips about how to do it in the most productive way.

Learn Hebrew Across Israel - Jerusalem & The Dead Sea

This is the first part of our awesome program - Learn Hebrew Across Israel we will travel across Israel, record Hebrew conversations in various spots and then analyse it together in the studio, this is really a unique and special way to learn Hebrew.

In Part 1 we visit:

- The Dead Sea.

- Jerusalem.

- Ben Shemen Forrest.

And other beautiful places around.

Learn more in this amazing promo video:

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