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4 Amazing Upgrades For Your Tachini

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

You loved our "Learn Hebrew While Cooking Tachini" post, but now that you know how to make it, what about making it special (meyuchad - מֵיוּחָד)? Here are 4 amazing upgrades (shidrugim - שִׁידרוּגִים) to take your Tachini to a whole new level!

4 kinds of tachini

Pink Tachini

Yes, you read right. If you add beet (selek - סֶלֶק) water to your mixture, your tachini will turn pink (varod - וָרוֹד)! The amount of beet water is up to you - the more you add, the pinky shade will get more dominant.

Pink Tachini

Spicy Tachini

For those who like spicy food: Add 1 tbsp (or as much as you like) of hot sauce (rotev harif - רוֹטֶב חָרִיף) to your mixture. After your tahini is ready to eat, on a plate (tzalahat - צַלַּחַת), spread some red paprika (paprika aduma - פַּפְּרִיקָה אֲדֻמָּה), olive oil (shemen za’it - שֶׁמֶן זַיִת), and parsley (petruzilia - פֶּטְרוֹזִילְיָה).

Spicy Tachini

Green Tachini

You can add a bunch of cut coriander (cusbara - כֻּסְבָּרָה) to you tahini, or parsley if you like it better, to make it green! The amount is also up to you and the shade (gavan - גָּוֶן) you want to get.


Sweet Tachini

For those who like sweets: A great combination you can try is raw tachini and seelan (סִילָאן) or honey (dvash - דְּבַשׁ). Put it on a toasted bread (lehem - לֶחֶם) and enjoy!


Got More Tips?

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