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**Hebrew Ebooks bundle**

Our two Ebooks for a very special price!

1. Basic Hebrew Ebook
2. Conversational Hebrew Ebook 

These books are all you need to become a Hebrew speaker.
Beginner? Start learning The basics with the first book, and continue with the second book to practice conversations and everyday Hebrew! 

Each book comes with plenty of exercises and audio files. 

The basic book:

(Free sample) 

This ebook is dedicated to the essential basics of the Hebrew language. In this book you will learn about: 
The letters, vowels, Pronouns, Questions words, Prefixes, Conjunctions, prepositions, more than 160 common Hebrew words, Singular/plural, gender differences, and more...

You also receive 18 audio files (every topic has an audio file, and you can listen to the correct pronunciation of every letter and every new Hebrew word).

The conversational book:

(Free sample)

Over 30 conversations, 80 audio files, and dozens of exercises, the goal of this book is to give you the experience of talking to a native Hebrew speaker. The best way to improve language skills is by talking and practicing the language every day. This is somewhat challenging if you do not know any Hebrew speakers, or don't live in Israel.
Many of our students face this challenge. This E-book - with plenty of conversation that you can listen to, is the solution for this problem.

Basic + conversational Hebrew Ebooks

$110.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

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