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Conversational Hebrew E-book

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This book is not for beginners - Basic Hebrew is needed 

If you know the letters and have basic Hebrew vocabulary - this book is for you.
Modern Conversational Hebrew E-book.
With over 30 conversations, 80 audio files, and dozens of exercises, the goal of this book is to give you the experience of talking to a native Hebrew speaker. 
The best way to improve language skills is by talking and practicing the language every day. This is somewhat challenging if you do not know any Hebrew speakers, or don't live in Israel.
Many of our students face this challenge.
This E-book - with plenty of conversation that you can listen to, is the solution for this problem.

The structure of the book:
- There are 8 chapters in total:

  • 1 chapter of basic Hebrew overview [basic words and explanations].
  • 5 chapters with conversations.
  • 2 bonus chapters.

- Every chapter has 3-5 full Hebrew conversations. 

- Every conversation is translated and transliterated (the correct pronunciation in Latin letters).
- Every conversation is recorded so you can listen to it and see if you pronounced it correctly.
- After every conversation, there is a mini-dictionary with all the new words.

- After every conversation, there are notes and exercises - to test yourself. 

- At the end of each chapter there is a grammar overview.
- Answers to the exercises and word glossary are at the end of the book.


You need to follow the structure of the book. Try reading the conversations by yourself and only after that listen to the audio file. Do not skip anything, and progress slowly. 
The difficulty of the conversations is progressing, and from chapter, to chapter they will be more complex. 


    Conversational Hebrew E-book

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