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5 Hebrew Words That Even Most Israelis Don't Know

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Want to brag at your Israeli friends? In this blog post we will share with you 5 Hebrew words that most Israelis will not recognise, since they use the equivalent English word, not knowing there is an option to say it in Hebrew.

Don't Know

1) Israelis says: Internet - אִינְטֶרנֶט

In Hebrew, it's "Mirshetet - מִרְשֶׁתֶת"

Comes from the word "Reshet - רֶשֶׁת" (Net). Invented relatively recently (20 years), most Israelis have no knowledge about it's existence.


2) Israelis says: Piercing - פִּירְסִינג

In Hebrew, it's "Nizum - נִזּוּם"

Comes from the word "Nezem - נֶזֶם" (Nose Ring).


3) Israelis says: Application - (Applicatzia - אָפְּלִיקַצְיָה)

In Hebrew, it's "Isumon - יִישׂוּמוֹן".

Comes from the word "Isum - יִישׂוּם", which means ״implementation״. You will probably never hear someone in Israel calls it "Isumon" instead of "Applicatzia".


4) Israelis says: Skateboard - סקֵייטבּוֹרד

In Hebrew, it's "Galgeshet - גָלגֶשֶׁת"

Sadly, you will never hear a kid shouts "Mother, Father, buy me Galgeshet" (Ima, Aba, tiknu li galgeshet - אִמַא אָבַּא, תִיקנוּ לִי גָלגֶשֶׁת) in Israel.


5) Israelis says: Hashtag - הָאשְׁטָג #

In Hebrew, it's "Tag Hakbatza - תַּג הַקְבָּצָה"

Although it's the literal meaning of "Hashtag", most Israelis won't use it nor know about it's existence.


That is all for now, what do you think? Should Israelis be aware and use the Hebrew versions of these words, or keep using the English equivalent?

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