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Learn Hebrew Online For Free

In this blog post we will share with you some of the great Hebrew online tools out there that can help you with enhancing your vocabulary, getting familiar with the basics, practicing Hebbrew and more!


1. Our free online courses

We have 2 free online courses on Udemy:

- Know The Hebrew Alphabet: Learn how the Hebrew alphabet sounds, and how the letters are written both in printed and handwritten forms.

- Conversational Hebrew - Introduction: a peek into our conversational Hebrew courses.


2. Vocabulary enhancing with online quizzes

- Duolingo is a wonderful app to practice your vocabulary and learn new words in the process.

- The Infinite Hebrew Quiz: Answer vocabulary questions, learn new words, get high score and win prizes, you can also be featured in the Top Scores Table.


3. Random Words Generators

- If you want to practice pronouncing words, our Hebrew Words Generator is a great tool to keep and practice daily.

- If you are more into Biblical Hebrew, we also have the Bible Quotes Generator, where you can hear the pronunciation of full verses, and even get the index of the specific quote in an online Bible.


4. Vowel Signs Keyboard

If you want to assign vowel signs on your own, we've created a Vowel Signs Keyboard, it's very simple to use!


5. Our Free Media Section

In case you haven't noticed, we have a Media tab on our website, there you can find various short lectures that covers:


6. Hebrew Pronouns

We think that pronouns are one of the most basic concepts you need to grasp when learning a new language, that is why we've created a Hebrew Pronouns Table, you can print it and hang it at home, so you can practice daily and remember how each pronoun is written without vowel signs.

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