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How to speak Hebrew? 4 great methods

When learning a new language, the best tip is to talk and listen to the language as much as possible. Learning a language is a full-time job, that requires a lot of practice and dedication. Here are several great ways to start talking and improving your conversational Hebrew today: 1. FInd a friend or a partner for learning. Learning Hebrew is not an easy task, so why do it alone? When you have a partner, you have to speak out loud and pronounce the words correctly. When learning by yourself, it is very easy to read the words in your head, and not pronouncing, because nobody can hear us or give us pointers. A friend will feel comfortable correcting you (even if they are learning too), and that makes the learning process is more effective. 2. Speak Hebrew with Hebrew speakers If you don't know any Hebrew speakers, there are several ways to do that: Try looking for a Jewish community near your house. A synagogue is a great place to start. Usually, the people there are very friendly and can help you get things started, and be your Hebrew-speaking partner. There are also awesome online ways to do that. Facebook groups, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, and even free language exchange websites. Here are some of them: Learn Hebrew together - Facebook group

Instagram page - Plenty of posts with Hebrew pronunciation

speaky - language exchange website

3. Textbooks/ebooks + audio files If you want to learn Conversational Hebrew by yourself, make sure you pronounce the words and the sentences correctly. The best way to do that is with a conversational Hebrew E-book that has audio recordings of all the Hebrew in it. Here is an example:

Audio of the conversation 4. Music and videos One of our favorite way of learning is to do it by listening to songs and watching movies/videos/series with subtitles. this is very fun, and you can do it for hours. Hebrew songs with lyrics and translation: Violins will play When you believe I slept (more on youtube) Disney songs + subtitles and translation

Are you a beginner? If you are a beginner, try out our basic Hebrew Ebook. This book has also many audio files that will point you to the correct pronunciation. You will learn all the important basics, and acquire a great vocabulary. (check it out, and get your free sample Here) Not a beginner? If you are learning Hebrew for some time now, and want to start speaking and having conversations, try out our conversational Ebook. With more than 30 everyday conversations, over 80 audio files, and a lot of practice materials.

Check it out, and get your free sample Here Good luck, and thank you for learning Hebrew!

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