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Krav Maga - קְרָב מָגַע, Learn Israeli Martial Arts

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Ever wondered which of the martial arts [omanuyot lechima אוֹמָנוּיוֹת לֵחִימָה] is the best? Is it Judo? Karate? Maybe Taikuando?

Well, we have news for you. Krav Maga , or in free translation – “contact-combat”, is one of the best martial arts for self defense. [ krav – קרָב combat , Maga מַגָע contact ]

IDF Training



If you haven't heard of it, let us shed some light [ or אוֹר] on the subject:

Krav Maga was originated in israel. It was developed by “Imi Lichtenfeld” somewhere in the early fifties.

Imi - Hungarian-born Israeli martial artist, aspired [ shaaf שָׁאַף ] to create a unique, simple and effective self defence technique that would suit every person.

It was derived From the field of reality-based methods, such as street [ rehov רְחוֹב] fighting. The original idia was to combine [ leshalev לֵשָלַב ] many simple techniques from other fields, such as Aikido, karate, boxing and many more, and make them rapidly teachable to military Recruits. The Krav Maga became very popular self-defense technique among security forces in israel, and in other countries, and also among youth, women, elderly and other populations who wanted to acquire self-defense skills.


Some of the principles of this method

"Do not get hurt," "Do what you can, but work right," "Use knowledge as needed," "The simplest way is the quickest and fastest way".

Imi Lichtenfeld was a man of Politeness, mannerisms and values [ arachim עָרָכִים] . He educated the students to avoid confrontations as much as possible, and use force only as a last resort. These principles makes this martial art so different and special.


Bonus facts

* Almost every soldier in Israel had some basic lessons in Krav Maga

* Krav Maga is a great fitness exercise

* Many celebrities are learning Krav Maga, such as Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutcher.

Krav Maga Panda? :)

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