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Learn Hebrew While Cooking Shakshuka

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Shakshuka (שַׁקְשׁוּקָה) is a very healthy, Israeli recipe (matkon - מַתְכּוֹן) of fried eggs cooked with tomatoes and peppers.


The Ingredients:

  • 1 small onion (batzal - בָּצָל).

  • ½ bell pepper (pilpel adom - פִּלְפֵּל אָדֹם).

  • 5 medium (be’inoni - בֵּינוֹנִי) tomatoes.

  • 1 big (gadol - גָּדוֹל) garlic clove (shen shoom - שֵׁן שׁוּם).

  • 2 tbsp parsley (petruzilia - פֶּטְרוֹזִילְיָה).

  • 4 tbsp olive oil (shemen za’it - שֶׁמֶן זַיִת).

  • 2-4 tbsp water (as much as you need).

  • ¼ tsp salt (melah - מֶלַח).

  • ¼ tsp black pepper (pilpel shahor - פִּלְפֵּל שָׁחֹר).

  • 1 kurt spicy paprika (פַּפְּרִיקָה).

  • 4 eggs.


The Instructions

  1. Cut bell pepper, tomatoes, parsley, onion, garlic, and put each vegetable in a different bowl (The size of the pieces doesn’t matter, it’s a personal choice).

  2. Heat Olive oil in a frying pan (mahvat - מַחֲבַת) above a large flame (le’hava - לֶהָבָה). Add onion to the frying pan and stir until it gets a golden shade (gavan - גָּוֶן). Add garlic and stir. Add bell pepper and stir for 4 minutes.

  3. Add to the frying pan tomatoes and parsley and stir while it cooks, until the tomatoes are soft. (troubleshooting: if the tomatoes doesn’t give off enough water, add 2-4 tbsp water). Add salt, black pepper and paprika, stir again and boil. Cover the frying pan partly and lower the flame. Cook for 10 minutes.

  4. Remove the cover and increase the flame. With a spoon (kaf - כַּף), create 4 dimples in the mixture and put 1 egg (be’itsa - בֵּיצָה) in each dimple (gooma - גֻּמָּה). Cover the frying pan and let the eggs cook for 4-5 minutes.

  5. Move the Shakshuka into plates with a large spoon and serve with a slice of bread (lehem - לֶחֶם).


It's actually so easy you can even make it while traveling!

Bon Appétit! - Bete’avon - בְּתֵאָבוֹן!

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