Learn Hebrew While Singing

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Few years back, a student (talmida - תָלמִידַה) came to us in order to learn Hebrew, she didn't know how to build a sentence (mishpat - מִשְׁפָּט), how to correctly use verbs or tenses (she didn't even know there is a "gender" to objects in Hebrew), but her vocabulary was simply amazing, she knew so many words and could even pronounce them in a perfect manner.

Usually, even experienced students that know how to assemble simple sentences and conversations have a limited vocabulary compared to her, so how? How could she achieve such an impressive vocabulary without learning Hebrew???

Her answer was "Disney".

Confused, we asked her to elaborate, and she could sing every Disney song in perfect Hebrew, and knew what every word means, we studied this method with other students and the results were amazing.

King - melech' מֶלֶך

Lions - arayot אָרַיוֹת

The Lions King - melech' ha arayot מֶלֶך האָרַיוֹת

By practicing a song every week, students were able to learn relatively easily (kal - קָל) a lot of new words, and even remember their meaning for a long term!