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Mastering The Hebrew Language

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

So you know how to read and write in Hebrew, you can create sentences and express what you want in Hebrew, you can even pronounce ח (Chet) and ר (Resh) like a real Israeli.

You also have a very impressive vocabulary in Hebrew.

But still, you feel your Hebrew is not fluent enough, what to do?


So in case you covered all the above (skills that you can acquire from our Online Courses), we would like to share with you a powerful tip to become a Master of the Hebrew language.


Language Exchange

Most effective way to make better conversations is Language Exchange.

How does it work? you schedule an e-meeting with an Hebrew speaker who would like to get better in English (or any other language, English is just an example).

Half of the meeting you will speak Hebrew, and the other half in English. At first it's a bit confusing and embarrassing, but in time you will get much better in Hebrew and your partner will become much better in your language, making those Language Exchange sessions much easier, fun, and productive.


How To Start?

Today in the Social Network Era, having Language Exchange meetings is easier than ever, here are a few places you can begin with:

This Facebook group is about having one on one language exchange e-meetings or normal meetings in Tel Aviv.

Although most of the events happens in Ben Gurion University (at Be'er Sheva), this is a great group with a lot of Israelis that would like to help anyone worldwide to get better with his Hebrew in exchange for another language, highly recommended.

This awesome website offers anyone to sign up and choose his "Native Languages" and his "Practicing Languages", afterwards you can find partners to practice with. When your native language is your partner's native language and vice versa.

Same as the previous website, sign up by stating your native language and Hebrew as a language you want to learn, then the website will offer you partners to practice Hebrew.


No doubt it takes effort and motivation, but without actually practicing Hebrew by having conversations, you can not truly Master Hebrew.

Good Luck! - Behatzlach'a - !בהצלחה

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