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Cool Hebrew Related Gifts

In order to make learning Hebrew more fun, here are some cool gadgets you can order from Amazon. In this blog post we will present some cool stuff we found online that are related to Hebrew. The things we will show you can be useful as gifts, Hebrew practicing, or just something nice you want at your house :)

1. Hebrew Alphabet Cookie Cutter

Cookie - עוּגִיָּיה - oogiya

This is a great and tasty way for you to practice the Hebrew alphabet. Great for adults and children alike! You get Individual plastic cookie cutters for each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Tasty and sweet - טָעִים וּמָתוֹק - taim umatok

2. Hebrew Alphabet Foam Magnets

Magnet - מַגְנֵט magnet

The same idea as the Cookie Cutter, but this one is great to put on the fridge and every time you want to open it, you can remember how the letters are written! Also - leave a Hebrew message for your loved ones :) Fridge - מְקָרֵר - mekarer Letters - אוֹתִיּוֹת - otiyot

3. Coasters

Coasters - תַּחְתִּיּוֹת - tac'htiyot

A great gift for someone you love. These costers spell the word love in Hebrew.

Love - אַהֲבָה - ahava

4. Key holder

Key holder - מַחְזִיק מַפְתְּחוֹת - mac'hzik maftec'hot

This one is small and nice as a gift. Also, the word luck in Hebrew is written on it. Luck - מַזָּל - mazal

5. Biblical Hebrew Alphabet flashcards

52 flashcards collect all Biblical Hebrew alphabet, including consonants and vowels, dagesh and final form of the letters are also included! Vowels - תְּנוּעוֹת - tnuot Consonants - עִיצּוּרִים - itzurim Cards - קְלָפִים - klafim