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Our Online Courses

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It has been a long time since we published our first Online Course in Udemy at 2012, and today we have 9 published courses and over 32,000 students worldwide.

Although our brand is "Hebrew For Beginners", we have a lot of advanced Hebrew courses about Grammar, conversational Hebrew, and how to read without vowel signs.

In this post we will cover all of the courses we offer online, the links will get you to the course's page where you can read more about it, watch the course's promo and watch some lectures for free:

1) Know The Hebrew Alphabet - free of charge, it covers the Hebrew alphabet, their sound, and how they are written - both in printed and handwritten styles.

2) Hebrew For Beginners - our bestseller and the first online course we published (and refurbished since then), learn how to read, write and speak Hebrew from scratch. Course contains a lot of extra materials (PDF, MP3 and images)

3) Read & Understand The Hebrew Bible - covers the basics of Biblical Hebrew thoroughly, how to navigate in the Hebrew Bible, get to know all the important words and by the end of this course you will be able to pray in Hebrew.

4) Hebrew Grammar - Verbs Master Course, this is our most advanced course, covers all the complex verbs system in Hebrew (Binyanim) thoroughly in one massive course.

5) Read Hebrew Without Vowel Signs - our newest course is a revolutionary one, it's one of a kind - this course covers systematic rules and tips to release you from the need of vowel signs. With many practices and quizzes - by the end of this course you will be able to read without vowel signs!

6) Hebrew Vocabulary Enhancing Program - this course covers over 1,000 casual Hebrew words that is needed for the everyday Hebrew speaker, works in a systematic way and after every 20 words there is a quiz to make sure you won't progress before you assure yourself that you fully control the words learned so far. All the words in this course are also available in PDF files for you to download and print.

7) Conversational Hebrew - Introduction, free of charge, this course is a glimpse into the "Learn Hebrew Across Israel", this course features a full Hebrew conversation that then being analysed and explained word by word. It's the perfect experience to learn conversational Hebrew.