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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We've expanded, and now active in many social networks, each offers something different.

In this blog post we will tell you about our social networks and elaborate what you can benefit by following each of them.


Everything that happens with Hebrew For Beginners and it's instructors is being updated on our Facebook Page.

Short teaching posts are being shared daily, with views and tips from Israel :)

Hebrew For Beginners Facebook Page

New, community of awesome people who learn Hebrew.

In this group we raise general questions (that need basic Hebrew skills to answer), everyone is learning from everyone, it's a great place to share your progress and ask questions.

Learn Hebrew Together Facebook Group

Sample lessons, and all of our free content, Hebrew Alphabet lessons and more, are presented in our Youtube Channel.

subscribe in order to be updated when new lessons are added.

Youtube Channel

The main reason to follow us on Twitter is that we tweet a new Hebrew word every day :)

Tuesday Hebrew Tips are also being shared on Twitter.

Twitter Account

Beautiful gallery of photos we took in Israel, almost every photo teach a new Hebrew word in it's description.

You can also enjoy our Instagram gallery in our website.

Instagram Account

All of our blog posts in one place, divided to different boards, very easy to navigate or save to read later.


Want to share your favourite meal recipe to be featured in our "Learn Hebrew While Cooking" blog? Have an ancient family document you need help translating? Or just share why you want to learn Hebrew?

Our website's forum is here for you.


This is all for now,

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Become a part of us, like, follow, subscribe :)

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