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Learn Hebrew Across Israel

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Learn Hebrew Across Israel - What is it?

Few years back, we had an idea of combining our love to Israel with our love of spreading the Hebrew language.

Learn Hebrew Across Israel Cover

Recording Conversations

So we went out, and started recording random Hebrew conversations around Israel.

Conversation after conversation, in places such as Jerusalem, Hermon mountain, Kinneret and The Dead Sea.

We had almost 1 Terabyte of content in video, we knew we got to stop and edit this content, make it available to the world.

Hebrew Conversation

Making Conversations Accessible

Editing was exhausting, took us a few months to understand how exactly we want it to be, and we've decided to translate every conversation like that:

- Hebrew translation with Vowel Signs, in the middle of the screen.

- English translation at the bottom of the screen.

Also, every conversation has a script that also includes English transliteration.

We were very happy with the results, but we knew that it's not enough to be the best online Hebrew learning experience out there.

Hebrew Conversation In Ein Gedi

The Studio

We "built" a studio:

Camera stand.


White board.

2 light projectors.

And Itzik started to dissect every conversation we took - sentence by sentence, word by word, giving tips and adding extra knowledge to every sentence he dissects, the lessons were so long that we knew we can't cover all the materials inside one online course.

Dissecting a conversation

Part 1

After almost 9 months of work, adding colored scripts, quizzes, explained intros to every location, and so much more, we came up with "Learn Hebrew Across I