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Learn Hebrew Across Israel - Home

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Learn Hebrew Across Israel - Home

After a long wait, we have decided to give our students something special. A chance to take the basic Hebrew skills to the next level, and get a glimpse of how talking with a native Hebrew speaker might look like. We truly believe that practice makes perfect, but sometimes practice can be frustrating. Therefore, we are trying to change this learning experience to something more enjoyable, And of course we give it away for free! Try out this new gift we give you, and experience this language through a fun every day Hebrew conversation, which will be explained and simplified for the student with the very basic Hebrew.

>>> Sign up for free by clicking here <<< So how is it going to work? The structure of the course is very simple to follow: - There is a video of two people having a Hebrew conversation.

Conversation Example

As you can see: the conversations has Hebrew translation with Vowel Signs, in the middle of the screen, and English translation at the bottom of the screen.

- The conversation is then dissected in the studio, on the board, and we add some great tips and new words on the way.

Dissection Example

But that’s not all. We give you some extra materials, and tools, such as: - An exam, at the beginning, middle and end of the course

Quiz Example

- A clean slow MP3 recording of the conversation, for you to listen and hear the correct pronunciation without background noises. - A clean black and white script with the conversation in Hebrew, the English translation, and transliteration for. - And the greatest tool of all : the colored script, with all the words and their translations colored at the same color, for you to visually memorise the words easily. Try it out, the results are amazing!

Script Example

To conclude, we are working Hard to give our students the best, and this course is a great way to enjoy learning this beautiful language. Take it slowly , don’t skip the quizzes, and feel free to ask us anything.

So the only thing left for you to do is to give it a go, and Take one step closer to being fluent :) Don’t forget to Follow our social media channels, all the updates are there!

We are waiting for your feedback, Good luck, and thank you for learning Hebrew!

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