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Learn Hebrew Across Israel - Weather

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Online students always ask "When is the best time to visit Israel?", and have a lot of confusion about Israel's weather, some even think that whole Israel is a desert and it's hot all year round, so we decided to answer all of these questions in this special blog post:

This is the first blog post in a series called "Learn Hebrew Across Israel", and we will start with Israel's weather (mezeg avir - מֶזֶג אָווִיר), when would be the best time to visit and where?

Weather map of Israel

Winter (Ch'oref - חוֹרֵף)

December - March

In general the Winter in Israel wind up with several rainy days, usually in January & February. If your visit in Israel focuses on having fun at the beach, and swimming at the sea, this is not a great time to visit, however you will probably get a few sunny days if you are lucky.

If you wish to see landmarks, enjoy the living atmosphere of Tel Aviv - this might actually be a great time to visit, since most of the touristic places are almost empty.

In Center - South Israel, during the day degrees will almost never fall beneath 10 ° C.

It's a great time to visit Mount Hermon (har Hermon - הָר חֵרמוֹן), enjoy the snow, and even Skiing at the ski resort :)


Spring (Aviv - אָבִיב)

March - June

This is the best time to visit Israel if you want to hike and enjoy Israel's beautiful nature.

The north - Rosh Hanikra (רֹאשׁ הָנִיקרַה), Golan Heights (Ramat ha'Golan - רָמַת הָגוֹלָן) , are highly recommended, it's the Spring in it's ultimate Israeli beauty.

Great time to visit Eilat since the prices are relatively lower than the Summer season, the beach isn't crowded and it is nice and warm.

Perfect time for the Dead Sea (Yam ha'Melach - יָם הָמֵלָח), not too hot and the water are not too cold, you can enjoy floating and cover yourself in mud (botz - בוֹץ) without being disturbed.


Summer (Kaitz - קָיִץ)

June - September

Hot, crowded, and fun :)

The Summer is recommended for those who wish to relax at the beach and enjoy it's infinite options of activities (surf, dive, swim).

Eilat (אֵילָת) is crowded , but the options at the Red Sea (Yam Suf - יָם סוּף) are endless: Snorkeling, Diving, swimming with dolphins, water skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and so much more.

At the day - the beach (ch'of - חוֹף) in Tel-Aviv is full with the beautiful people of Israel, and at night you must pay a visit and check out the famous tel aviv nightlife with a great variety of bars and clubs.

With that said, it might be too hot to visit landmarks / enjoy nature, so prepare your sunscreen and go tan in the sun, especially for the Dead Sea :)


Autumn (Stav - סְתָיו)

September - December

The nice weather is still here after the summer, not too hot, nice and warm sunny days. The nights are a little cooler, and the days are shorter. This is a good time to come and enjoy the nature (teva - טֵבָע) of israel. Here are some suggestions:

- Nice weather for hiking - take you hiking shoes out of the closet, or grab your bicycle and check out the numerous Israeli hiking trails (maybe do couple of sections of the Israeli national trail)

- Enjoy watching roaming birds (tziporim - צִיפוֹרִים): Israel is located right in the center of three continents, and at fall you can witness about a half a million birds pass on their way to Africa. A great place to witness this amazing sight is the Agamon Achula (אָגַמוֹן הָחוּלַה) Nature Park.


Which season do you think will suit you the best in Israel? Share with us :)

Jerusalem - Israel

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