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Top 5 Instagram pages to learn Hebrew

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

If the desire to learn Hebrew has always been at the center of your interest, and you want a small daily dose of Hebrew to start up your engines, we have the solution for you.

If you are trying to learn Hebrew and looking for good places where you can do so for free, the choice is huge. There are hundreds of pages on Instagram for learning Hebrew, offering various activities – listening, grammar, reading, and speaking. This list gives you five of the best pages for Hebrew learners of various levels. Here are the pages you should follow starting today: 1. hebrewforbeginners - Our very own Instagram page. We are somewhat new on this platform, but we learn fast. After many suggestions from students, we decided to do something different: the page offers free video lessons (in the IGTV tab), new words every few days, articles, learning tips, and much more. Check it out and follow:

2. hebrewlesson - A wonderful place to learn Hebrew. This page posts new words, articles, teaches you Hebrew slang, offers quizez, recipes, and much much more classy Hebrew content. We definitely recommend it!

3. - "I've developed a super easy method to learn to read Hebrew. Fun pictures and memory tricks help you remember the letters!" is the description of this page, and you have to admit, it sounds interesting! They post new words almost every day, and the feed is colorful and very appealing. Great reviews about this page, so check it out :)

5. Finally, last but not least - learn.hebrew - This is a great simple page. just follow and enjoy the words daily, and a great teacher who is very glad to answer questions, as the descriptions say. Great place to start with basic words.

So make sure you follow these pages, and your Hebrew will improve in no time:) Good luck!

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