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5 Recommended Hebrew Books For Beginners

Updated: Jan 24

Many students are thinking which Hebrew books they should purchase in order to practice their foundations in Hebrew. We've assembled the top 5 recommended Hebrew books that fits perfectly for a beginner level, all are available in Amazon and can be shipped worldwide, it's important to mention that "Hebrew For Beginners" are not the sellers of any of these books, and you can purchase them however you like, the Amazon link is just a recommendation.

* Bonus fact: Each of these books have a strong roots in Israeli culture.

Important Prerequisite:

You should know how to read Hebrew with vowel signs. These books have no English translation or anything like that.

You don't need to have more than a super basic Hebrew vocabulary, it's even better - you will learn many new words while reading.


Book #1:

Dira Lehaskir

דִּירָה לְהַשְׂכִּיר

Room for rent

Written by Lea Goldberg לאה גולדברג, a very famous Israeli author.

"In a beautiful valley, among vineyards and fields, there's a five-story tower. And who lives in the tower?" There's a fat chicken, cuckoo, a black cat and a squirrel. The tenants are looking for someone to live on the fifth floor.


Book #2:

Ha'nasic'h Hakatan

הַנָּסִיךְ הַקָּטָן

The Little Prince

You probably read this book in your own language sometime in your childhood, could be a perfect practice to read it in Hebrew, think about all the words you can learn :)


Book #3:

Habait Shel Yael

הַבַּיִת שֶׁל יְעֵל

Yael's House

Written by Miriam Rot מרים רות, a story about a girl named Yael who looked for a house of her own.


Book #4:

Ha'etz Hanadiv

הָעֵץ הַנָּדִיב

The Giving Tree

Wonderful story with an amazing moral, any further information will spoil it ;)


Book #5: